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Ian the Dragon
  "There is no spoon. "

With an itchy trigger finger, this master tactition rarely sees the sunlight and is always up for one more game.

Gaming History

PS3 - Best graphics, light wireless rechargable controller, free downloading of demos and HD movie trailers, but not enough games out yet and some of the best online functionality is still yet to come (in a free update later)

Wii - Revolutionary controller gets you moving a lot and doing things in games you never could do before. Fun to play in groups. No real online games yet except participating in online voting poles. Graphics are the worst of all the current next gen consoles. No HD output. People often get hurt or break things accidentally while playing.

PS2 - huge game library of really good games, many of which play online for free. Rumble in the controllers. Able to backup some games to hard drive with hdloader and play them back with far less loading time. Large variety of accessories including Eye Toy motion detection camera, light guns and dance pads. Sometimes has trouble reading discs at first. Graphics are starting to look dated compared to next gen consoles. No HD output.

Game cube - never really found good games, but Monkey ball is fun to play with other friends. Mario sunshine was the first sucky Mario game I've played.

N64 - good 3d (cartoony graphics) Had the best 3d mario game to date. Golden Eye was a lot of fun to play with 4 players, but in general the n64 did not do realistic graphics very well.

Sega Saturn - This system never really took off which meant I got to find a lot of games really cheap on clearance. I think it had the best version of Bust-A-Move due to the variable handicap you could do between players. Virtual On was also the best mech combat game I've played. It had some good light gun games too.

PSX - still good for playing some old puzzle games, but anythign that featured graphics looks really dated now.

Sega Genesis - Lots of good classic games, mostly in the fighting genre. Played this system tons, usually with one other friend though it did have a multi tap for more players. Home of Sonic the Hedgehog and also had a good multiplayer Lemmings. Mostly I played Streets of Rage 2 though and Columns 3.

SNES - I got this system late, since I was mostly a Genesis guy. The graphics were on par with the Genesis, but they didn't get the same gross or action based games that Genesis did. I mean come on, they took the Blood out of Mortal Kombat and replaced it with sweat!?!

Nintendo (8 bit) - This was where the side scrolling platform Mario thrived. They made crappy versions of all the games that were cool in the arcade and we gobbled them up cause it the best we could get without going to the arcade. The light gun was pretty cool too.

PSP - The best display I've seen on a handheld device. I watch movies on it and play music videos. You can put emulators on it to play roms from other game systems, but not if you upgrade your firmware which you must do to play the latest games and unlock online abilities like the web browser. Works with Sony's Location Free player too to play TV too.

Nindendo DS - Great for puzzle games and I love how you can just close it and it saves your spot and then open it up again later and resume where you left off. Brain Age is a game which actually seems to make you smarter, the more you play it. Stylus interface lets you touch your games in new ways. Great for petting your dog in Nintedogs.

Atari Lynx - Decently size screen for its day. Never got a good collection of games and thus never took off mainstream.

Sega Game Gear - I picked up one of these on clearance. Kinda fun even though the screen is much smaller than the Lynx. Like most the handheld systems it sucked up batteries fast.

Original Gameboy - Man....black and white lcd games.... Only thing I could probably still play on this thing without laughing is Tetris.

Intellivision - I kept playing this console for a long time, bought a couple of them. Full numeric pad with buttons on the controller let you do some interesting things in games. The blocky and simple graphics left a ton to the imagination.

Atari - Space invaders, defender, combat, donkey kong, pacman, all the classics were here. It was The System in its day. That joystick though hurt my hands after hours of usage.

I sold my Atari Jaguar cause I could never find any games of it. Though I heard Alien vs Predator and Dragon were pretty good.

I think I had a Coleco Vision machine when I was a baby, but I can't remember much about it, cause probably didn't fit in my mouth.

Favorite games:

  • Battlfield 2
  • Socom 2
  • Starcraft
  • Diablo 2
  • Word Racer
  • Command & Conquer 3
  • Lemmings
  • Streets of Rage 2
  • M.U.L.E.
  • Utopia