The year is 2010. As part of an experimental work program the government has passed law that all large scale corporations could only select their new employees bases on the results of a single standardized academic test. This test was designed to be especially difficult so that no one person could possibly achieve a perfect score.

This system worked well for some universities, but for other universities no students at all were being selected do to these test scores. These students were destined for failure. They became known as "Marked For F". However there was still hope. Their only chance was to hack into the academic records database of their university and change their test scores.

The government quickly learned that this was being down and began hiring mercenaries for the sole purpose of preventing unauthorized access to the academic records. These mercenaries could turn you in and collect a generous bounty, or if you resisted they were authorized to terminate you on the spot.

At this point, many of Marked For F gave up and dropped out, but some remained to fight. They fought for their lives. They fought for their future.