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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


Sound: 4
Controls: 3
Gameplay: 3
  "This may be a great game, but it seems to spend a lot of time on the shelf. "

I'll preface this review with saying I haven't played any of the older Zelda games.  I got this game with my Wii console and a bunch of other games.  In trying each one out for just 10 minutes or so, Zelda held my attention the least.  It was mainly just a lot of reading text and all I managed to do was find a horse and ride it around.  So it sat on the shelf while the other more instant gratification games of Wii Sports and Monkeyball got most of the playing time.

Everytime I tried Zelda I redid the same boring stuff and then shelved it again.  Finally though, I had a Zelda fan friend come over and he played through the first boring 20 minutes and got into some of the more interesting things.  The fighting is more fun and some clever puzzle solving.  The fishing was a real treat, though it seemed to frustrate everyone until I figuring you have lift up on the pole quickly to actually catch anything that nibbles.

I've played more deeply into the game or taken turns with friends, but eventually we got to a point where it was not clear what the next to do was and we just waste time running all over the place looking for that next thing to do.  Eventually I guess we'll try to track it down with a walkthrough, but for now, it's back on the shelf.