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Wii Play


Sound: 2
Controls: 3
Gameplay: 2
  "A ten dollar game with a 40 dollar controller"

After having so much fun with Wii Sports I eager welcomed another combination title which leveraged the Miis I had created for myself and friends.  That said, maybe I was expecting too much from Wii Play.

There is some cleverness to some of the games, but for the most part every game is a disappointment.  The worst one would have to be ping pong, where they looked at how successful tennis was in Wii Sports and said, let's take away the fun part of swinging and instead have people play by pointing where they want the paddle to be and that will be more fun....  Well, it's not.  Like most the Wii Play games it's just frustratingly lame.

The first first game is an attempt to recreate duck hunt.  I don't know if I just miss the goofy dog that used to fetch the birds or laugh at you, but even though this game featured simultaneus firing from 2 wii remotes, I didn't find it that much fun.

My favorite game is sort of a Where's Waldo style where you look for the odd man out or try to find matching pairs.

There's also a semi decent one where you have to match poses.

But these slightly good games are overshadowed by hard to control racing cows, air hockey where you score on yourself more easilly than your opponent, and a fishing game that makes you year for Zelda.  There's also a Tank battle game in there which reminds me of the old Atari games, but not enough to make me want to play for more than 5 minutes.