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The Urbz: Sims in the City


Sound: 1-5
Controls: 1-5
Gameplay: 1-5
  "One more soda please. "

I put this game in the machine just to see what the controls were like, and ended up getting sucked in the world of the Urbz.  Scored with the beat of Black Eyed Peas, the pulse of the game gets you involved very quickly in trying to build up a character and start interacting with other characters in the game, chit chatting with others in the hood and building up a reputation. 

I found one unique way to make a name for myself.  If you don't have any money, I found you can perform a little mortal combat on the vending machine and a drink will come out.  I had my character drink quite a bit, until, you guessed it, she had the need to use the restroom.  On her own she would have gone and taken care of that, but I kept her busy playing video games, picking up garbage, and chatting with people that she finally couldn't hold it any longer.  At which point she became very smelly and people didn't like talking to her much anymore.  Nice attention to detail in this game.  I wonder what else your character can do.