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Trauma Center: Second Opinion


Sound: 3
Controls: 4
Gameplay: 3
  "It's time for the operation! "

This game is a good step up for the old board game Operation where you tried to remove pieces with tweezers without touching the sides.  You get to make incisions and inject drugs and suture just like a real doctor!  Well not quite that real, but it is fun.  You select which tool you want to use with the nunchucka controller and then actually perform the action using it with the Wii Remote.  I've heard from someone who is more knowledgable of medical terms that they totally used the wrong medical terms for things, but the average person would never know.

There is an anime style soap opera going on between surgeries which is a bunch of text you have to skip through each time and very exciting music flowing until it's "TIME FOR THE OPERATION!"