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The Punisher


Sound: 4
Controls: 4
Gameplay: 4
  "The most violence i've ever inflicted in a video game. "

There's so many shoot em up games out there now, that I tend to really only pay attention to the ones that support multiplayer play.  That being said, even though The Punisher is only a one player game, I quickly was impressed with the huge variety of ways you can kill people in this game.  Of course you have a wide variety of weapons from dual hand guns, uzi's, shotgus, and yes I do mean one shotgun in each hand, along with other fun toys.  But you can also engage enemies at point blank range with hand to hand combat with doing a quick, but also creative, single move to dispatch the thug, or you can grab the enemy and interogate him for information using a variety of techniques.  You can either inflict damager on him on him yourself, through punching and other fun means, or you can use the environment to inflict pain on him until he talks....or dies.  What do I mean by environment?  How about smashing windows down on a guy, electril drills, dangling from rooftops, dunking in acid?  Pretty much any sick thing you can imagine doing to a human being is in here.  There are so many ways to kill people or interogate them, that I can forsee replaying this game again and again just to try them all out.