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NBA Live 2005


Sound: 1-5
Controls: 1-5
Gameplay: 1-5
  "Bounce with me. 
Bounce with me. "

Ever wanted to create the ultimate team of your favorite NBA stars from the present, past.... or heck, even include yourself? SURE YOU HAVE! and with this game, you can. and go for the NBA title.

Much like previous versions of NBA Live, you can have franchise modes, which allow you to form your own teams and play a full or abbreviated league season on your quest for the NBA championship. You can train teams during the off-season or even midseason to increase their abilities. You can also scout prospects for future drafts so you can continue to win again and again, or finally win that championship(or even playoff berth) for a team like the Golden State Warriors who seem perpetually hopeless.

There is also a one-on-one mode where you can finally answer the question who is better, kobe or tmac? lebron or carmelo? In addition to all these great features, this year's version has added the slam dunk contest and 3-point contest, as well as the rookie game, to help complete the all-star weekend simulation.

In dynasty mode you can unlock many features. You can get new apparel for your players (throwback jerseys, latest shoes, etc). You can also unlock more historical players as well as furnish a house! Many many options here.....

Gameplay continues to get smoother and the controls are workable. The freestyle sticking adds more creativity to the game and makes it a little more fun. Followers of this series should have fun playing this version.

-Phil No Payne