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Mortal Kombat Deception


Sound: 5
Controls: 3
Gameplay: 5
  "Action at a new level. "

In this version of Mortal Kombat there are several different playing modes.

Fighting Mode

This is still the core of the game which is splendid fighting engine including the ability to change fighting styles, use weapons, and interactie backgrounds that can be used to spell the doom of your opponent.

Chess Mode

This mode kind of operates as a layer on top of fighting mode.  The chess tactics themselves actually only assist a player in that the person trying to take a piece initiates a fight in fight mode, and the player you are attacking will have lost some of his health already when the fight begins.

Puzzle Fighter Mode

Ever wonder what Puzzle Fighter would have been like with Mortal Kombat characters?  Well now you can see just how bloody it can be.  Each character has special abilities that can be unleashed when your Super bar reached the top, and of course the victor gets to perform a fatality on his or her opponent.

RPG Mode

One really intriguing aspect of MK Deception is that there is a role playing mode where you can walk around in the Mortal Kombat Universe and talk to people, going on missions, and finding martial arts masters (the characters of the game) and each one will teach you how to do their moves personally.  Right away I saw the delight in how you could walk up to pretty much anyone in town and punch their lights out in most satifying fashion.  But if you can keep your fists of fury in check for just a moment, and talk to some of the people you will be led on some nice little missions.  For example, one lady was walking around looking for her dog.  With a little investigation I found out that someone else found the dog.  Now that is wonderful and all, but the guy actually killed it and cooked it and had eaten much of the dog already.  So to complete the mission to return the rest of the uneaten dog to the owner and as a reward she gives you some coins.  Only in the Mortal Kombat Universe, huh?

Well those coins actually turn out to be quite useful in the game, as they can be used to unlock additonal characters, costumes, backgrounds, or even.....yes, more coins!  This system of unlocking pieces of the game bit by bit as you play was quite addictive and I even found myself thirsty for unlocking more pictures of the programmers which are sprinkled in as a nice easter egg in the game.