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Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon


Sound: 3
Controls: 2
Gameplay: 2
  "Well, it was a good movie... "

I had high hopes for this game when I saw screenshots of the graphics, and when the game started with video clips, straight out of the movie, I still thought the game was going to be awesome.  Then I actually got to playing it. 

The levels were long and boring.  The fighting engine seems like it was trying to be faithful to the movie, incorporating moves of the charcters, but it comes out as clumsy and awkward. 

(Michelle Yeoh's character performs an

advanced Chinese Heimlich Maneuver)

I would have liked to get more involved with doing things that actually occurred in the movie.  For example instead of stealing the green destiny sword and then jumping from rooftop to rooftop to avoid capture, you're are forced to muddle around in an enless maze of courtyard where you cannot open the door to leave the courtyard until you've slaughtered all the people there.  This gets tedious really fast, especially when the guys with the long poles come out and start poking you.  I got frustrated with this in a few hours and ended up watching the movie instead.

-Ian the Dragon