95/96 B-Boys Highlight Reel

This is a new project for Chase Productions. This is a highlight reel of my basketball team. Our team did quite well this season, so I decided to help celebrate the success by making highlight reels. Just to give you an idea of how successful we were, we had a 7-2 record in the regular season, making the playoffs for the first time in 4 years. We finished 3rd in our league. We played in 2 tournaments after, winning both. One was in Sacramento. We survived a scare in the second game of the tournament, coming back to win after being down 16 points at halftime. The second tournament in Union City was also a victory for us. We set a team record with 74 points in a game. We're playing in two more tournaments. One is in Gardena the first weekend of May and the other is in San Francisco later that month. Anyways, the reel contains many spectacular plays and is set to upbeat, techno-style music.

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