Marked For F 2: The Falcon Project

(script in progress)

Intro with flashes from first Marked for F:
midnight rendez-vous where jimmy gives me the disk
steve stabbing alex and car explosion
ian grabbing security card from exur
phil and ian entering the records building
lights coming on, phil and ian run but get trapped
some fight with steve and phil and ian
steve getting hit by car, ian gets into car, steve on top of car but fall off as we get away
(this leaves steve standing as he watches the car get away)

Close up of steve at parking lot (night)
(Steve thinking to himself)
“I didn’t care that these students had succeeded in changing their test scores. It happens every year. But there was something different about that guy. It was as if when we fought, he possessed speed and power that even he did not expect.
When I traced main frame’s history logs, I found multiple write accesses to the test scores database, but identities were all encrypted so I couldn’t figure which records had been modified. However I did find something else in the log. The hacker had access various high security research projects. Most of the stuff was funded by the military, such as work on weapons and fuel, but there was one project which even I had not heard of….The Falcon Project.

I spoke with my superiors about my discoveries and when I mentioned the Falcon Project, I could tell from the look on their faces that this was trouble. It turns out, the Falcon Project had to do with using a part of your brain that usually lies dormant, to alter space and time. The technique to do this was actually relatively simple, and involved imagining a force of great destruction such as a tornado and then concentrating on a faint sound within that destructive force….something even and repetitive like a faucet dripping or the ticking of a clock. By separates chaos and peace in this manner, new areas of the brain become active, providing the power to move more quickly through time, or even affect objects around you through a form or telekinesis. The research on the project had been put on hold because these affects were extremely unstable, and the whole process itself had driven some test subjects completely insane.

So I was given the mission of tracking down this man and anyone whom he had shared information about this project with, and to terminate them. The only way I would be able to do this would be to use the powers of the Falcon Project as well. I selected my top mercenaries and set out on the hunt.”

Steve gets an intifying finger print from the door Phil touched and sends his mercenaries to detain him and question him. Phil got recruited by a telecommunications company after his test scores were altered. We see him go to work on day. Walking to the building where he works, we feels that someone is watching him, but looks and doesn’t see anyone. Later at his place, he again feels this feeling. The mercenaries had found him. (fight scene, phil loses)

Phil is forced to call Ian. Ian while talking to Phil senses something is wrong by the tone of Phil’s voice and switches on his computer to record the conversation. Phil asks Ian to meet him at a coffee shop to talk about something important. Ian agrees and hangs up the phone. Then Ian studies Phil’s voice patterns on the computer. At one point Phil had started to say something, but one of the mercenaries jabbed him lightly with a knife to stop him. Ian studies that sound and the computer confirms it was reaction of pain. Ian analyzes the stress of Phil’s voice and finds it extremely high. Ian knows Phil is in trouble.

Ian goes to the coffee shop, ready for action. He sees Phil there with some girls. Nobody else is in the shop. Ian walks in and the door closes behind him and locks. Phil starts to say something but one of the girls smacks him and he falls out of his chair to the floor. Ian look away from the door back to the girls whom are all now standing looking at him. From the floor, Phil says, “I’m sorry, Ian…” and gets kicked by another girl. Ian takes a step forward to help him but a third girl runs at him from the side attacking with a flurry of kicks which Ian blocks and stumbles back. The other girls also come running…..(fight scene, ian deflects many hits and makes his way over to phil, getting between the girls and phil. Phil had his hands tied under the table. Ian produces a knife, the girls take a step back, Ian cuts Phil free and puts the knife away. Fight begins.

Phil fights with two of the girls out by the door. Ian faces off with the tallest and strongest one.
Ian – You can’t beat me.
Girl – Well, we’ll just see about that. (attacks with a jump kick which is side stepped)
The girl kicks twice more at Ian and then back fists. The punch is caught with both hand and Ian twists her arm into a submission hold. (cut back over to Phil)
Phil is in a pretty even fight with the two girls, blocking at attack from one girl and striking her, only to be immediately hit by the other girl. Eventually one girl traps both of his arm behind him. Phil kicks the other girl away, who stumbles to the floor, but either picked up or pulls out a knife. (on the sound of the knife, zoom cut to Ian holding girl in submission)
The sound of the knife gets Ian’s attention and he is momentarily distracted. The girl takes the oppourtunity to kick Ian either back behind her head (Michelle Yeoh style) or to his side or leg, freeing his grip on her. She will steady herself and then jump up for a powerful kick.
(Time slows down)
Ian, moving outside of time, leaves his girl and runs over to Phil where a knife is headed towards his throat. As he runs, Ian flicks out his butterfly knife, and just as normal time resumes, he blocks the slash to Phil’s throat with his knife. Stunned by Ian’s sudden appearance, the knifed girl stumbles back and is assisted backwards by a kick from Ian. Phil manages to break free of the other girls grasp and takes her out in a method of his choosing.
(other side of the room)
the girl who was fighting Ian, completes her power kick hitting nothing but air and falls down rather comically. Back to phil, who is struggling, trying to open the looked door.
Phil – Ian, the door!
Ian gestures towards the door and it releases. Phil and Ian start to run through the door, but Ian suddenly stops and looks back into the shop.
Ian – Did you hear that?
Phil – Hear what?! Come on let’s go!
Ian – It can’t be……..
Phil – What are you talking about?! We gotta go, now!!!
Ian – (looks dazed into the coffee shop for a moment then looks back to Phil sharply) Phil, you go, I’ll catch up with you.
Phil – What?!
Ian – I have to see something.
Phil – I don’t think any of those girls will give you their phone numbers!
Ian – (playfully annoyed) Just go… I know what I’m doing, I just have to check something out.
Phil – Okay, you’re the boss, Boss.
(Phil takes off and Ian re-enters the coffee shop)
All of the girls are slowly picking themselves up off the floor. Ian walks in, ignoring them. Suddenly, he sees a figure in the darkness, walking towards him. Actually two, one taller than the other. It’s Steve, the mercenary he had fought with extensively while breaking into the federal records building. With him, walks Ian’s former comrade, Alex, who he had though killed himself to save the rest of the team. The girls get up and assume fighting stances around Ian, but Steve dismisses them and tell them to find Phil.
Ian – Alex? Alex, is that you?
Steve – Yes, it’s him. Your team member who you abandoned and left for dead.
Ian – Alex? But how?????
Steve – Well, actually it would be more accurate to say it’s a copy of him. After the explosion, your partner here was quite a mess. We picked up the pieces we could find, most importantly his head, and used DNA/cloning technology to grow back the missing pieces.
Ian – That’s not possible.
Steve – Oh there are a lot of things that people think are impossible, but it just a matter of a little research. But then again, you already know that, don’t you? (no reply) You see we put Humpty Dumpty back together again, cause we hoped we’d be able to extract some information from that brain of his about you and your team. However, what we got was a mindless zombie that really couldn’t tell us much of anything. On the bright side, this guy have proven very open to suggestion, and it was actually quite easy to train him to hate you and to want to kill you, I mean after all, you did leave him to die. (steve turns to Alex) Why don’t you show Ian how you feel about being left behind? (Alex starts to walk towards Ian) Don’t hold back now, ya hear? I have some more loose ends to track down.  (Steve leaves through the back)
Ian – Alex, what did they do to you? Alex?
Alex responds with a sharp kick to Ian’s chest, and proceeds to furiously attack Ian. During the fight, Ian keeps trying to get through to Alex, to get him to remember their friendship. Alex thrashes Ian pretty good, he keeps having flashes of the past (first his fight with Steve, the explosion, but then as Ian starts to get through to him, he remembers joking around with Ian and training with him, in particular he remember some sort of buddy handshake the used to do just after knocking Ian down) He stands over Ian, but instead of attacking he extends a hand and helps him up.
Alex – I….I…..I’m sorry……Ian.
Ian – I’m sorry too, I never should have left you.
Alex – It’s okay, I knew what I was doing. Just tough luck, eh?
Ian – Yeah, I guess so. (the smile at each other stupidly for a moment) Come on let’s get out of here.
Alex and Ian leave, they meet up with Phil, and Alex tells them what about Steve, how he has learned the same power than Ian did.  And that the loose ends he was going to tie up.....were his plan to find all of the Marked For F who had worked with me and eliminate them in case they knew anything about The Falcon Project too.  His next stop was Jane in San Diego.

Steve riding in the back of a car listen to walkie talkie chat of his men:

"She's running.... south side of the food court..... heading up to the docks now... i lost her in the crowd....who's got her?  who's got her?  I do....exiting east side up towards the park.... "

They arrange to corner her some place, Steve tells the driver to take him there.

Live chase, Jane running from Steve's henchmen.  Jane gets trapped, steve appears. 

Steve: You've given us quite a chase.

Jane: It's not over yet. (readies for fight)

Suddenly Ian appears and jump kicks Steve and grabs Jane pulling her away.  The run into an agent and Ian fights with him while Jane tries to run but is cornered by another agent who she has to fight with.  Ian knocks down his agent and goes to help Jane but is cut off by a flying kick from Steve. 

Steve: It's been a long time. We've been looking for you.

Ian: You've been looking the wrong places.

Steve and Ian fight while Jane fights with the other 2 agents.  Ian gets away from Steve and helps Jane and tries to help Jane with the agents, but gets knocked down and Steve returns to try to finish Ian off.  Ian recovers and knocks Steve out to to over the water where Steve just hovers over the water.  Ian runs back to help Jane finish off the agents and they try to escape again, but Steve floats back over to land and runs and cuts them off.  Steve and Ian fight some more ending in Ian knocking Steve into a tree and then escaping.

It becomes clear that all records of the Marked For F has to be destroyed or they would never be safe.  So Ian teams up with Phil and Afred for yet another daring assault on the government building with their records database.  This time they write a program which searches out all occurances of any of the Marked For F's names in any file and if it finds that file it deletes it.  And most importantly this time after it finishes deteling all the files, it wipes the history so the previous actions could not be traced (unlike last time). 

Attack on the Macromedia Building

Ian along with Phil and Alfred inflitrate the government research facility and access the mainframe where all evidence of the their first attempt to break in was stored and they delete all the records of Marked For F that they had, using a disc that searched for each memeber's name and deleted that file.

After completing the job, they start to leave.  Meanwhile Steve or General Ricard Wu and his men have arrived at the building.  They head up the stairs and the elevator.  Ian with Alfred and Phil standing at the top floor waiting for the elevator, kinda smiling to eachother at how easy it was.  Then the elevator door opens and they see Steve/Rich.  (dramatic moment)  Steve/Rich orders his men to get them.  The Marked For F split up and run in different directions.  There is a lot of chasing and hiding and short fight scirmishes. 

Dmitry catches sight of Ian and pulls two guns out of his leather jacket and starts shooting.  Ian ducks through a door into the rec room.  Dmitry pursues him and continues firing as Ian runs and dives over a sofa chair.  With Ian pinned down behind the chair, Dmitry taunts him.....

Dmitry: Mr. Chase......why do you run?  Come on...... come on out and put an end to all these games.  I promise I'll make it quick. (reloades guns with new clips)

Ian tries to reach for something on the ground, but it gets shot away before he can touch it.

Ian looks at the pool table and then reaches out toward it.  One of the balls levitates off the table and then flies at Dmitry's head.  Guns hit the floor near Dmitry's feet.  Then Dmitry falls down, out cold.

(optional role for another Agent X)  Agent X could have followed Dmitry into the rec room, shooting up the place as well.  When Dmitry gets knocked out, Agent X runs around the side of the sofa and is pointing a gun at Ian's head.  Ian stands up slowly and looks at the gun for a moment.  The clip suddenly falls out of the gun.  In sped up motion, Ian grabs the clip out of the air while it's falling and with the other hand rips the gun out of the agent's grasp and then reloads the gun and points it at the astonished agent.  Ian can either leave him there in astonishment or knock him out.

Ian runs off, only to be chased by more people.  At some point he meets up with phil and alfred and they try to go down the stairs but people are coming up that way too.  We get back to the elevators and are about to get in when Steve/Rich and his men surround them.  Ian gives Alfred a gun he took off an agent.  Phil gives the disc to Alfred to take down the elevator and get away.  Phil and Ian take up fighting stances to hold off Steve/Rich's men.  Steve/Rich laughes.  Then Alfred tosses the disc to Steve/Rich.  Phil and Ian look Alfred who is grinning evilly with gun pointed at Ian. 

Flash backs explaining that Alfred sabatoged our first attempt.
Alfred programming the remote access unit. “All wired up and ready to go.”

Alex “It’s not accepting our passcodes.”

Steve”Somebody disable their access codes!” Alfred”Ok, I think I’ve got it.”
Door does not open using keycard.

More flashes of the past as Steve explains how he found Alex using the tracing program Alfred had put in the device.

Phil reacts very distrubed and says something classic like: You bastard!

Ian does not seem suprised:  You think I didn't know? 

Alfred: Of course you didn't know!  (points to the gun he's got aimed at Ian)

Alfred: Time to ensure my long and glorious career (alfred pulls the trigger)

Nothing happens.

Ian holds up the clip for the gun, and smiles.  Then knocks Alfred out.

Steve/Rich yells out, holding the disc:  But know I know all the Marked For F!

Ian corrects him:  No, now you have 10 hours of free internet access (and holds up the original disc)

Steve/Rich looks at his disc and it's an AOL CD.

Steve/Rich makes unhappy face.  The elevator door close behind Phil and Ian who don't seem to be moving at all.

Steve/Rich walks up to them, and reaches for Ian, but his arm goes through him, much to his suprise. "A trick!"

Show Ian and Phil running out of the elevator in the lobby and out the door.

They get in a car and drive off as Steve/Rich and his men come out.

Final Fight Steve vs Ian - a rooftop or top level of a parking garage

At some point Steve catchs up to Ian for a final showdown.

Elements: sped up kicks and punches, slow motion time, where background will move slowly but fighters still moving fast, trampoline moves, mind reading so as to anticipate the opponents next move, throwing knives and catching them, walking on walls, cool stances in between flurries, teleportations, force moves

(Possible Ending)

Steve knocks down Ian, who pretends to be die. You hear Ian’s thinking….
Ian – must hold breath he can see me breathing……must stop heart, he can hear it pumping……(see dissolve effect of me grabbing my heart in my hand and holding it) …..don’t know how much longer I can hold it……..

Steve walks away…….
Ian comes back to life, and does a kip up, pulling out a knife and slashes steve in the back, steve turns around and is kicked hard in the chest, sending him flying over off the top of the building, (oh yeah, this whole fight takes place on the roof of a very tall building or parking garage). As he flies over the edge, Steve pulls out a gun, and fires at the grinning Ian, who was not expecting such a move and fails to dodge the bullet. Ian is struck and falls down dead. Steve also falls to his death.