Cool Links

Online Movies
AtomFilms - A cool place to find odd movies.
Martial Arts TRICKZ - Videos of guys that can really kick it!
TFN FanFilms - Really well done homemade Star Wars movies.
Zero Gravity - Some guys that make awesome low budget martial arts movies.
Dark Horizons - View trailers of all the latest movies
Kiss: Because I Am a Girl - Korean Music video
Ninjai - The Little Ninja is an online action/adventure series.
MJ vs MJ - The Superbowl ad where Michael Jordan plays vs his younger self.  Just amazing.
Homestar Runner - Awesome site done entirely in flash. 
Check out the Strong Bad Emails.
Fobman - A lonely college freshman accidentally transforms into a FOB superhero.
Japanese Game Show - A site with a bunch of clips from an asian game show based on visual trickery. 
Includes Matrix Ping Pong!
Star Wars: Clone Wars - Cartoon Networks animated series