So Little Time

There once was a man who was treated unfairly by the world. He was kicked out of school, no wait, he had many adventures on a river, no, he was shot in his swimming pool, no, no, no!

Everything has been done.

Oh well. Like the French say, "Si tu es malade, toes le chien." Which means if you are sick, kill the dog. I guess it loses something in the translation.

So much to do and so little, little, uh, so little, uh, uh, well, so much to do anyway. Spanish: the movie is a recreation of Terminator 2. French: a recreation of the Pipe Piper in modern terms. Then there is my friends French movie, I don't even know what that's about! Oh well. So little time.

Do you know how many times I find myself just stting and staring at something which isn't really anything, causing me to think that everything can sing like a king in the Spring?? Sorry about all this, if I had an idea I'd write it down. The following line will signify my lack of ideas.

Did you see? Nothing. Oh wow! I just looked at my stop-watch and its been 3 hours, 22 minutes and 6 seconds since something happened. I wonder what it was. Well that was exciting. No it wasn't. The voices! They're calling me. I must go to them. Good-bye!

Ian Chase

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