A Meta 4 An Experience

A river is a duck in the pond. Although it makes a lot of noise, it . . . wait a second. A river is the opposite of a duck in the pond. Ponds are quiet so the ducks are quiet when they are in them. And rivers are greatest in the Winter when it rains. Ducks fly south for the Winter. So they're not even around! A river is not like a duck in the pond.
There is a small creek behind my yard. I had built a small bridge across it the for coming and going to school everyday. Well, in the Winter it sometimes rained and the creek flooded. My bridge would be totally submerged by about ten feet of water. When I would come back my bridge would always be gone. I used to make new ones, but no longer. You could conclude that the creek conquered my contemporary construction cause I conceded the contraption conspicuously. Well maybe you're right or maybe you're left. Either way, I know in my heart that Mississippi is special. You know why? It's because a river runs through it. Do you know why nobody likes British civil engineers? Oh, come on! You gotta know. Think about it. What do civil engineers make? And what is the capital on Great Britain? Connect them. Still don't get it? Or do you? Please respond positively with a note if you understand or negatively if you are lost. I will be happy to explain it. But that's how things go . . . .

Ian Chase

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