The dullness just pours from his mouth
It reaches out and strangles the students
Mindlessness, filling the room
Drowsiness penetrates everyone
Everyone overcome
We slip further and further from reality
Our guards and defenses broken down
The awareness escaping each of us
I fight for control
Resisting the blanket which smothers me
I look around to see
Everyone is overcome, but me!
One would think sorrow
One would feel the horror
But, oh, the joy and wonder!
Among the misty and clouded minds
None aware of their actions
Though each mindless mind has a body
Only one above all!
There, up there, I had seen before
But not as I had seen now!
Such action! Without reaction!
Such openness through mindlessness!
Eyes dazed, but mine!
Not much more to give,
Though all received!
As if I could control
But almost! It is insane!
I can! Wow!
Brian you were right!

Ian Chase

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