I Killed JFK

I killed JFK, a man who died before I was born. I guess it was the perfect murder because I had the perfect aliby. I didn't exist! So you may ask, how did I do it? No small task, I'll tell you that. Actually I have no memory now of having done it yet, that is I do know that I did do it and I am going to do it. If I don't, our history will change, as will the present. Let me explain.

Three years ago life was actually different than you remember it. Everything was destroyed, everyone was dead, well almost everyone. Many years before that, during the Kennedy Administration, foreign relations were decaying. JFK had not been assassinated. He had lived up to the Final War of 1978. In the interest of national pride, JFK has started conflicts with many European nations and most of all, the Soviet Union. I knew that it was these actions of JFK which had led to the Final War of 1978. So in order to stop the war, I had to stop JFK.

So I began to think of a plan to kill Kennedy. The destruction in the Final War had ripped open holes in the fabric of time, opening me to the possibility of time travel. Once I realized the possibility of time travel, I began to make a plan to save the world. As I thought, time and reality began to change around me, until it was as you now remember it three years ago. When all the changes were done, I had my plan. I knew what I had to do.

First I needed to break into a museum or warehouse where the rifle that allegedly killed Kennedy is stored. I must steal the fun that history says killed JFK. Then I'll drive around Oakland until I find a lazer-sighted automatic assault rifle, probably left in the street somewhere. Then I wait.

I know that since time and history have changed, that my plan will be a or must have been successful. So that means sometime in the future someone will invent a time machine. At which time, I will jump back in time to complete history. I will cut Kennedy down with the assault rifle and then leave Oswald's rifle, which I stole from the museum, in order to frame Oswald as history records. But the rifle itself might not be enough to frame him. I will need assistance. I will go to some high ranking official in the U.S. government and tell him I am an alien from outer space and that I killed the president. I will play techno music for them to prove I am an alien. Then I will return to my time. The government will probably want to cover up any evidence that aliens have visited our world, so they will frame Oswald with JFK's murder and seal the tape with techno music is a vault somewhere for national security.

Ian Chase

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