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Everytime I drive on the freeway and see a truck, I think of that part in Fast and Furious, where the car drives under the truck and I say "oooooooo." Ya know, driving has always felt kinda like a video game to me. Maybe a really expensive video game, if you lose and crash your car, but yeah. When I'm on the highway, everyone is the same. They're all on equal ground. Doesn't matter was ethnicity you are, how much money you make, or even what you look like. Your car takes up just as much space on the road as the guy or girl next to you, and you're entitled to that space as much as anyone else.

People say, "it's not a race" and "there's no prize at the end", and yeah, that's true, maybe. But it's fun, finding other car to pace with, to follow through pass as they get stuck behind some cars in one lane, and then see them catch up again later. It's fun passing Jaguars and BMW and Corvettes with my dinky little Saturn. I don't get those drivers sometimes....they get this totally awesome car, and then drive like 60 miles per hour on the freeway? They must too many tickets or something, heh. Sometimes I'll pass some guy in a sports car, then I hear this really loud roar and see him go flying by me. Heh, I love that. I tip my hat to those guys (if I had a hat). Also gotta give props to the drivers that pay attention to traffic coming up behind them and moving over a lane when they see someone coming. Now that's class for ya.

In that Fast and Furious movie, the guys said, "It don't matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning is winning." and that's kinda true for other things. This guy that went to my school started working in the very same building as me recently. Works on the same floor, just another department. I thought it would be cool, cause now I'd get to know him better, maybe hang out and stuff. But it doesn't matter if he's a just a few steps away or a few cities away, he's still a stranger. Weird.

Ian Chase

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