"It just keeps gettin' better and better."

Thomas Jefferson, 1796

Trick or Treat. I've heard that diet soda doesn't work. Maybe it increases your hunger! The amount of calories in it are lower, so the soda itself does not make you fat, but it tastes so terrible that when you finish it you feel like drinking something else to wash out the terrible taste.

Now let's see. How can I relate this to rivers. HMMMMmmm. Hey! Someone once told me something about the plastic rings that hold six packs together. You know what I'm talking about, right? Anyway those things find their way into water supplies like rivers. Then fish get caught in them and dolphins, well maybe not in rivers, but they get caught in them and die! Isn't that terrible?!? So whenever I think of it, I grab a pair of scissors or when I can't I just rip them apart with my bare hands, before I throw them away. By the way, I don't drink diet soda. So everybody should tear apart those things before disposing of them. Yeah. So then rivers will be clean and free of dead fish and dolphins, well again maybe not dolphins. I wonder if any dolphins live in rivers. They probably need more space, but what if they lived in a really big river like the Mississippi or the Nile? I guess it would depend on whether they were freshwater dolphins of salt water dolphins, wouldn't it?

Ian Chase

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