Three As Can Be

Dressed in black, she gently pressed her hands against the window's glass. The latch was open. Sliding the window open, the dark figure entered quickly but cautiously. She scanned the room and her gaze fell upon the table with three bowls. Once at the table she removed her mask and hood. Her golden blond hair fell to her shoulders as she picked up each bowl. The third bowl seemed to appeal to her for she quickly consumed its contents. She was heading back to the window when she saw three figures approaching from outside.

With a slight hint of panic, the mistress in black retreated from the window. She had to do something. They were almost at the door. Franticly she grabbed a chair to put in front of the door, but the chair was too small. She quickly grabbed another chair, but it was too weak. Finally she grabbed the third chair and it fit just right under the door knob. Keys rattled outside.

The dark intruder fled upstairs. She needed a place to hide. She slid under the first bed, but it was too small. Suddenly she heard someone pounding on the front door. She leaped over to the next bed, but it was too low to the ground. The pounding grew louder. She darted over to the final bed. She fit perfectly underneath it. The front door came crashing down just as she pulled her arms into the shadow of the third bed. After a brief minute of silence she could hear footsteps coming up the stairs. Her heart pounded harder and harder in her chest with each step. "They wouldn't look under the bed, would they?" That was her last thought.

Ian Chase

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