The 13th Programmer

The hour was upon us. We could hear them in the distance. Their footsteps were like roaring thunder. We prepared for them to strike. Furiously our people worked with the tools they had, trying to preparing for what would surely me a battle to remember for all time.

Then we saw them. First one, and then another and another. They surrounded us, filling the entire horizon. The air became quiet, as they stood and stared. What were they looking at? Our perimeter had been finished. We saw no obvious weeknesses. And then I heard a dog howl.

The sound echoed throughout the valley. We all turned to see the dog snap free from its restrainst and head for a small hole in the South wall. The archers shot arrows of fire at the entrance, creating a wall of fire, but the animal paid no heed. It plunged through the fire and out into the open.

Seizing their moment, our enemies ceases them passive observation and rushed toward our formerly captive canine. Some of us ran after it. Begging it to return. But it could not be reached us nor our words.

When the dog reached the attackers....


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