KFC Popcorn Chicken Commercial Contest CHASEWORKS

KFC had a contest to Create a Reality TV Commercial for Bigger, Better Popcorn Chicken! Entering to Win $10,000 and a One-time Primetime Network Airing of Your Commercial 2nd and 3rd Place Winners Each Receive $5,000. Chaseworks was up to the task.

Production Notes
Entry needed to be 30 seconds in length and include the following:

  • You must mention KFC and show the KFC Bigger Better Popcorn chicken product
  • Entries should be reproduced on VHS tape or CD
  • Entries will be judged equally on creativity, use of the Bigger Better Popcorn chicken product and packaging, production value, and talent displayed in the commercial and its direction

We found out about the contest on Friday, September 19, 2003 and it the entry had to be received by them in Kentucky of course, by September 23 at 5pm eastern! So we shot the footage on Saturday and shipped it out on Sunday. That's speedy entertainment!

01-proudproduct 02-proudproduct2 03-whereiskfc 04-thegrab 05-chasechicken
05-running 06-irun 07-istare 08-airsteve 09-airsteve2
10-stevesuspects1more 11-found1more 12-stevesees 13-stevegrabs 14-stevehappyend


"should have won" (delighted viewer)

Well the KFC folks apparently thought our video was too funny to show on prime time television so they selected three other finalists. The general concesus is that they are all pretty lame, but gotta give props to the fish one for being pretty well done, despite being a rip off of the mountain dew whale commercial.


1st Place: Giant fish eats popcorn chicken. 2nd Place: ET-Like boy eat bad computer graphics chicken. 3rd Place: Couple of guys with more bad computer generated chicken toss and eat.

Special thanks to the manager of Walnut Creek's KFC, who at first told us we couldn't film at his store cause he had never heard of the contest, which was featured on their website and in television commercials. As we were shooting it in front of the store, some customers came out and wished us luck winning the contest. At least they had heard about it!